A Complete Guide for Do’s and Don’ts While Container Tracking

 A Complete Guide for Do’s and Don’ts While Container Tracking

In this era of efficient supply chain management tracking the transportation of your goods through containers is a boon. Container shipping allows you to send any item through any location in the world, regardless of the size of the goods. With the advancement of technology, you now have the power to deliver your shipment on time with the convenience of a real-time tracking system. Tracking shipment is critical for your business because everything depends on the time factor. While the advantages of container tracking are many, not knowing about your container’s current state is harmful and may lead to the breakdown of your supply chain.

How to know your Container Number?

In the container number, there are first four letters are alphabetic, and rest six digits are the serial number of the container, which is the serial code of the owner of the container.

For example, XYZA123123 This is the form of the container number which should be needed.

What is Bill of Lading?

This is the document issued by the container company once you booked the container for shipping, this is the bill or the document or proof that you have shipped your container through XYZ company. You can track your shipment through this bill also.

How to track your container?

You can go about contain tracking with one of the two methods:

1.  GPS Tracking

Always pre-book your order to get the shipment on time and use the GPS tracking system which allows you to trace your container shipment in real-time, and is the easier, fastest, and popular method nowadays. 

2.  Standard Tracking

There is another method for tracking- standard container tracking, which allows you to get the information of your order only at the specific points once it has arrived at that point. The limitation of this system is that you can’t track your order in real-time.

What are the Do’s that you should follow while container tracking?

Here are the things that you should definitely do while tracking the container shipment:

  1. Always use the official site for tracking the shipment.
  2. Make sure you have entered the correct shipment number.
  3. Using smart container tracking that is easy and safe.
  4. Always choose the safest plan for the container instead of the cheapest.
  5. Use correct postal address and zip code, which makes the shipment easier the reached the customer or the third party.
  6. Correctly use the guidelines of IMDG.
  7. Check government guidelines on which items should be sent and which are prohibited.
  8. Always prefer GPS-type tracking which allows you to track real-time location, speed of the shipment, and the estimated date for the delivery.

What is the list of Don’ts to keep in mind while tracking your container?

There are several; things that you should not be doing while you track the status of your container:

  1. Don’t enter incorrect information such as the wrong booking number or BoL number of your container, it shall not show the correct status.
  2. Always use smart containers which are led by the first party directly to the shipper.
  3. Don’t use a removable tracker which costs cheaper. because In this type of container, the package is less safe.
  4. Don’t use incorrect zip codes and addresses.
  5. Don’t use the third-party application for tracking the shipment.
  6. Don’t use the phone number you which seldomly used in your daily life or company.
  7. If you send the container through your company or organization, make sure you have entered the correct information of the company, address, and zip code.
  8. Always use a government-registered company for the shipping of the container.

The currently growing international business landscape demands an efficient supply chain management system that enables timely delivery and planning for contingencies. Container tracking allows you to achieve such a system which shall lead you to growth in the future. To track your containers easily, visit https://www.cogoport.com/container-tracking-shipping

Danny White