Top 9 Tips to Follow to Conserve Energy and Reduce Power Bills

 Top 9 Tips to Follow to Conserve Energy and Reduce Power Bills

Even though modern-day individuals do not pay enough attention, conserving energy is incredibly essential. Apart from generating various environmental and economic benefits, doing so also enhances overall wellbeing. Wondering how?

Well, alleviating energy usage obstructs dependence on fossil fuels, which causes cardiovascular problems, respiratory impediments, stroke, cancer, etc.  Few simple yet effective ways to consider include:

  1. Check Seals on Appliances

You must make sure that refrigerators are properly sealed so that cold air does not escape. This also applies to windows and doors. Poor quality seal paves the way for energy seepage, draining wallets in the process.

  1. Repair Leaky Ductwork

Renowned power utility companies in Singapore and even in other places like Senoko Power Singapore have emphasised on fixing leaky ducts of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) systems immediately. Starting from common pests like mice to corrosion is held responsible.

  1. Nudge Thermostat

Set the thermostat back to at least 15 degrees when you are not at home or asleep. When done for eight hours, this lowers yearly cooling and heating costs by 10%. Now isn’t that great? If you forget nudging thermostat, invest in a programmable one.

  1. Adjust Freezer Temperature

Set freezer to about 5 degrees and refrigerator to 39 degrees. This would not force your appliance to exert any extra effort yet keep food items and beverages fresh.

  1. Take Short Showers

Professionals working in the Energy Department said most consumers’ wastewater when showering. Rather than spending a prolonged period inside the bathroom, trim at least 2 to 3 minutes off, and save 15 gallons of water. Replacing showerhead if they show signs of damage decrease water usage by 2500 gallons annually.

  1. Never Wash Clothes Using Hot Water

Cut down on pre-load energy consumption by never washing clothes in hot water, which is believed to be one of the most significant expenses. Do your laundry using cold or lukewarm water.

  1. Swap Light Bulbs

According to the latest research, a typical consumer can save approximately 107 AUD by using LED or compact fluorescent lights bearing Energy Star instead of traditional bulbs in old fixtures.

  1. Use Power Strips

Certain gadgets never turn off, especially ones operated through remote control. They remain in a standby mode, using tad bit power, which adds up over time. Professional power utility companies in Singapore and from other nearby places like Senoko Power Singapore asked consumers to plug such electronics into power strips, which stops current when not used.

  1. Install Dimmers-

Dimmers have impressed larger segments of the population, and nearly replaced vibrant lights, which, apart from escalating energy consumption, are outright annoying. Dimmers enable you to regulate brightness.

Implementing ways specified above would conserve energy to a great extent, or in other words, reduce electricity bills, thus, let individuals save substantial money. Conducting a comprehensive energy audit frequently has also been proven much effective. It brings forth plenty of additional tactics such as green power, a rising trend for business organizations, and household owners seeking alternative options.

No matter how difficult it seems, conserving energy and thus lowering electricity bills, in actuality, is a simple endeavour. All individuals are required to do is conduct certain effective tasks, namely checking seals on each appliance, repairing ductwork leaks right away, nudging thermostat, using efficient power strips, and many more.