Safe Use Of Storage Racks

 Safe Use Of Storage Racks

Storage racks in Singapore are a great way to maximise storage capacity in your warehouse. However, they are a potential hazard in a busy warehouse. In a warehouse, forklifts are constantly moving around, lifting and lowering heavy loads.

While storage racks may be seemingly harmless, they pose a threat to safety if not properly used. Such a danger threat can occur from a combination of at-risk racking and error from forklift operation, in some cases. In the warehouse, forklift drivers often need to make sharp turns and it is unavoidable that the forklift will knock the storage rack.

It is extremely dangerous when your storage racks are unstable or structurally unsound. A storage rack when bumped by a forklift can lead to a domino effect collapse of warehouse shelves. This not only can cause damage to your products but also seriously endangers the lives of your workers in the warehouse.

In order to prevent such large scale deadly accidents from happening in your warehouse, it is important not to overlook warehouse safety. Here are some important safety precautions to take.

Forklift Driver Training

Most warehouse disasters occur when forklifts bump into storage racks. This causes the storage rack’s structure to weaken and could collapse. As such, it is important to ensure that the forklift drivers in your warehouse have undergone forklift operator training so that the know how to properly operate the forklift.

This is essential in ensuring that the forklift drivers do not drive haphazardly and knock into the storage racks.

Utilise Safety Bollards

Even with proper training, some forklift drivers still run the risk of knocking into storage racks. One precaution that can be taken is to use high visibility yellow bollards. 

Anchor Storage Racks

Anchoring your storage racks to the grounds gives your racks added stability and in return, safety in your warehouse.

Regular Inspections

By conducting regular inspections, we can prevent any potential collapse before they occur. Some signs that shows a need for replacement or maintenance are leaning, sagging, or any signs of strains. The inspector should keep an eye out for any dents. Once any of these are spotted, they should be attended to and any defects should be rectified immediately.

Stay Within Storage Capacity

Storage racks can also collapse due to overload of products beyond the capacity that the storage rack is able to handle. In order to ensure that workers in your warehouse do not overload the storage racks, one way could be to display a clear label or plaque on the rack where it is visible to workers.

Place Loads On Racks Properly

Finally, another preventive measure to prevent racks from collapsing is to ensure loads are stacked on properly instead of overhanging.

Paul Petersen