Numerous Applications Of The Servo System

 Numerous Applications Of The Servo System

Servo System [ระบบ เซอร์ โว, which is the term in Thai] consists of a human machine I/F controller, the software, the network, the servo amplifier and the servo motor. All these parts work in tandem to make a number of tasks possible. In this article, we will discuss the possible applications of this whole system to realise how important and efficacious it is. 

Range Of Functionality Offered By The Servo System

The servo system has a number of applications in the industrial sector. Some of them are as follows:

    • Automotive Manufacturing: The system fuels productivity and increases flexibility in the automotive assembly lines. It also allows the operators to control motion with high levels of accuracy. It allows liner and circular motion and also offers an electric cam view. 
    • Material Management: The system offers fast material handling with a precise sense of positionality to increase productivity and reduce the cost of energy consumption. It is also used to keep track of all the logistics and remove the likelihood of errors. 
    • Machinery For Food Processing: The machinery that is used in the food packaging industry is operated by this system that allows high speed filling operation that involves high precision, fixed intervals and regularity. 
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry: The semiconductor industry has undergone several transformations. The wafer of contemporary semiconductors has a larger diameter which requires a reduction in the size of the other components. To keep pace with these developments, the system with its high resolution encoder is required for an enhanced performance. 
    • For Electric Mounting Devices: The servo system provides high quality solutions for the mounting of electrical parts in an electronic circuit board. 
    • In LCD Manufacturing: The LCD manufacturing industry is a constantly evolving industry. The system offers  an efficient and precise mode of control for ease in manufacturing as well as innovation. 
    • Printing Industry: The electric system offers highly accurate solutions for crucial processes in the printing industry. It helps make paper cutting, feeding, printing and the assembly possible in a typical printing machine. 
  • Injection Industry: the electric system offers high speed and accurate motion control that is required in the manufacturing of injections.


The electronic brand does not merely offer servo amplifiers and servo motors, it offers servo system level solutions that include controllers that can be programmed, motion controllers, and a range of networks to fulfill the diverse needs that arise in the manufacturing sector. 

Roxanne Reyes