Need help with EB-1 Visa? Meet an immigration attorney today!

 Need help with EB-1 Visa? Meet an immigration attorney today!

If you are interested in an employment-based green card, you need to know about “EB” visas. There are various subsets of EB visas, so you need to know what would work best for your situation. A bunch of law firms in Dallas work with clients on immigration issues, and you can expect to get unbiased, genuine advice, depending on what you are seeking. Do you qualify in the first place? If yes, should you consider hiring an EB-1 Visa Lawyer in Dallas? In this post, we are sharing the basics about EB-1 Visa worth knowing. 

What is the EB1?

EB1, for the uninitiated, is a subset of employment-based or EB visas, where ‘1’ denotes “first preference”. So, who can get the EB1 visa? EB1 is reserved for – 

  1. Foreign nationals coming into the US from one foreign company to its branch in the United States. 
  2. Aliens who have “demonstrated extraordinary skill” in their respective fields, within the US or outside, and are looking for permanent residency. 

 The EB1 visa is different, because there is no need for the employer to complete certain procedures, like stating US-based workers were not available to take up a certain job. People who can typically apply and get the EB1 visa includes those who have published scholarly works, artists with art displayed in known galleries, athletes with distinguished accomplishments, and those who are members of distinguished organizations. There are only a few examples. Some instance, someone with a reference letter from experts in a given field can also apply for EB1 visa. 

Why would you want to hire an attorney?

Hiring an EB-1 Visa Lawyer is entirely your personal call, but like most other immigration matters, the process for getting an EB-1 Visa is complicated. An attorney with experience and knowledge is your best resource for knowing if you qualify for EB-1 Visa in the first place. Even a small issue with the paperwork or filing can cause unwanted delays and cost money. Contrary to what many people think, hiring an immigration attorney doesn’t have to be expensive. Most attorneys in Dallas do offer consultation for free, and even if you need to pay a small fee to see a lawyer for your EB-1 Visa, it is worth spending. 

Immigration matters shouldn’t be taken lightly, considering how this can impact your life ahead and your decision to live in the US. To know more on EB-1 Visa, contact an immigration lawyer now!

Roxanne Reyes