Most Expensive Places to Buy Properties in Southampton UK

 Most Expensive Places to Buy Properties in Southampton UK

Southampton is a city in the UK- the United Kingdom that has a larger area of land. This is not excluding nearby places such as South Hampshire and Portsmouth with a population of about 1.5million which confers on it one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

Although Southampton isn’t the best place to live in the United Kingdom but, it is not in doubt that Southampton remains one of the best. The research shows that Southampton is the 3rd best in the hierarchy in respect of where to live, work or purchase properties. Be it expensive or cheaper, you can live in Southampton or secure properties according to your budget.

This article shall highlight the five expensive places to buy properties in Southampton. Here we go:

West End and Hedge End

West End and Hedge are neither on the westside of the city nor at the epicenter whatsoever, rather, West End and Hedge End are located in the east – and at the edges of the Hampshire countryside. Those places are famous due to their prominent upper-market places for residence.

West End and Hedge End are a few minutes away from M27 with one of the best routes for commuters.

The environments are known for buyers’ modesty. Property acquisition in those places goes for an average price of about £350, 167.

Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford

Purchasing a property in those places has no fixed cost, so to say. The average price in those areas is around £249, 000 to £409, 000.

The afore-mentioned places are more like different towns, though small but share same location with East Borough. They are part and parcel of the city, just to Southampton north.

Totton (Post-coded S40)

This place has an average price for a property acquisition of about £308, 220. It is an area that is surrounded by costly areas.

Totton is located in the New Forest District Council area. The place is so good for commuters – by train and by road. It is different from the main city- Southampton.

Ocean Village and City Centre

Southampton is a place with a very small living area. Most residents live at the outskirts of the city. It is based around a perfect marina, as a reformed old dockyard area. It has an average price of £293, 101.

Portswood, St. Denys, & Highfield

Perfect places for property acquisition are those places.  Just a part of the city center Porstwood’s north & renown outskirts – not far from the University of Southampton- a marketable and very lively area.

It has an average price of £273, 276.

Roxanne Reyes