Essential Deals for the Right Embroidery Services Now

 Essential Deals for the Right Embroidery Services Now

The embroidery on clothing is one of the most delicate parts of the fabric and therefore you should pay special attention to its care and maintenance to avoid losing quality.

Although the embroidery services process achieves excellent integration results, it is advisable to take into account some tips to keep it perfect. With a few simple tips during the processes of washing, ironing and storing clothes with embroidery, you can keep those parts of your garments impeccable.

The embroidery on clothing is an element that aims to highlight an identification, a brand, a logo and they are made with a complex network of threads. It also requires minimal special care, although they do not require a very specific treatment, it is also convenient to monitor the processes to avoid premature deterioration.

Three secrets to keep your embroidery on clothes perfect

Advice for washing: whenever possible, it is best to wash these garments by hand and with the most suitable products so that the fabric does not deteriorate. The garments are always washed upside down, preferably with bar soap and paying special attention to the embroidery area, especially during rinsing, to avoid traces of soap.

Machine washing is also feasible on a delicate program and paying special attention not to allow too long from the end of the washing program until the clothes are removed. Depending on the size of the embroidery, if we leave the wet clothes compressed for a long time inside the washing machine drum, we run the risk that the embroidery will form cracks, wrinkles that can deform it.

Tips for ironing:

Ironing is also done with the garment inside out. To leave the embroidery on impeccable clothes, the iron has to be at maximum temperature and instead of sliding it on the fabric, what we will do is press it against the fabric intermittently, as if we were placing stamps. Use a handkerchief or some other intermediate fabric between the garment and the iron.

Tips for storage:

Always store the embroidery garments folded in such a way that the fold lines do not coincide with the embroidery so as not to deform them.

The technology applied in the embroidery on clothing achieves excellent, impressive and long-lasting results. The resistance to snag breakage is significantly higher than that of hand embroidery since the stitches all have exactly the same tension, and the distance between one and the other is perfectly equivalent.

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