Boost your Personal Trainer Business

 Boost your Personal Trainer Business

The rise of fitness companies specializing in the ´wellness´ concept is shaped as a new, more personalized and exclusive business model, but accessible to all budgets, and gives way to a renewed professional figure, that of the personal trainer. The fitness lifestyle is one of the ways of living that are trending in recent years.

Incredibly, the number of people who have included the exercise with in their day to day is incredible, they will provide also personal fitness trainer certification. Personal trainers must strategically position themselves to take advantage of the post-holiday season promoting their business to attract new customers. Here are some tips to help you:

Keep it Personal

If your clients are succeeding, capitalize on that, giving them a reason to tell their friends how well they are doing with you. Word of mouth is the most effective type of advertising that exists. To recommend your friends, encourage your customers by offering them an incentive. You can put into practice any of these ideas:

  • Offer a free session for any client that refers you to a friend who buys a six-session bonus.
  • Offer a 50% discount on the next multi-session bonus to a customer when your friend buys another similar bonus.
  • Allow existing customers to bring a friend to their next session for free.
  • When a client has recommended you to three friends, you get a free bonus of three sessions.

You can adjust these suggestions to suit your own pricing model. You will have to offer an incentive that is attractive enough to your clients without it seems that you are giving away your valuable services. Once a customer agrees to work with you by buying a multi-session bonus, let him know that he can get free sessions in case his friends buy another similar bonus.

Special Promotions for New Customers

Offers a free mini session for new customers. It may be half the time it would normally last, but it serves to show you what a session would be like. If they sign up that day, you can offer them six sessions for the price of five or a similar offer.

If you can train two clients together, offer the same price to both, or 50% discount for the second client. You may want to make this offer for a limited time. For example, the second customer pays half the price during the first three months. From that moment, both customers pay the full price and you can continue training them together or separately.

Get out of the Gym

You need to know your potential customers where they are, so take your marketing actions out of the gym or training room. Find events in your city in which you can participate. Is there a juice bar or a natural food store in your area? Ask them if you can hold a test session so that your clients can see what you do. Physicians and physiotherapists may be interested in organizing a session or allowing you to leave business cards in their waiting rooms.

Develop some kind of event that allows you to show what your training sessions are like. If you have a client that you have been with for a long time and that has had a particular success, talk to him to see if he would be willing to host a meeting with his friends so they can meet you and present the services you offer.

Use Social Networks

The use of social media strategies is a great way for small businesses to involve their customers to attract new ones. For your current clients to interact with you, publish a survey or a questionnaire about the New Year’s resolutions. Create a contest that offers a free session or bonus to a current or potential customer who shares your post or retweets it.

You can also use social networks to motivate your customers. Share stories (telling your permission, of course) of clients who have successfully lost weight or got in shape. Videos can be especially shocking for this, so ask your customers if they would be willing to talk to the camera, if only briefly.

If your budget allows it, paid ads on social networks can be a good way to spread information about your business. The good news is that advertising on social networks can be controlled in detail so that it does not exceed your budget. Be sure to set a fixed spending limit and carefully track the results to find out which ads work and which do not.

Be Prepared

Before you start testing these ideas to expand your customer base, make sure you are prepared to meet the new ones that may come. Specifically, make sure your liability insurance is adequate. With more clients, the risk of a possible claim or lawsuit increases, whether the result of an accident or negligence. Liability insurance can protect the business whose creation and development you have worked so hard on.

Roxanne Reyes