Clare Louise

4 Tips To Improve the Customer Experience at Your Small

Nothing can hurt a small business quite like bad online reviews. If you are building a company from the ground up, it is essential that your customers leave your store satisfied. Happy clients will come again and even recommend your products or services to others. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that […]Read More

Why Talent Mobility Is Essential For Companies

The talent marketplace needs for HR leaders to focus on talent mobility as a key element of workplace planning and in their retention strategies. Talent mobility is essentially about understanding how a company can be positioned in terms of human capital for growth, productivity, and success while engaging employees in the company’s current and future […]Read More

Managing a Team of Remote Employees

This infographic describes practical strategies for employers to use with their remote staff. More effective performance management can benefit individual employees and the company’s productivity as a whole. Performance Management for Remote Employees from Advanced ResourcesRead More

The Layman’s Guide to E-Commerce Payment Gates : Choosing Moona

E-commerce merchants need an online payment gateway that offers solutions for their customer base. When choosing an e-commerce payment gateway, merchants often wade through a plethora of options readily available to them on the Internet. Unfortunately, many of these online payment gateways fail to address the underlying needs of an e-commerce business. Merchants who consider […]Read More

How To Get Clients For Your CA Firm?

Every new CA firm struggle with finding new clients. You will have to work hard and have the patience to climb up the ladder of success. The new brand always has to struggle more than expected to meet the standards of the market. You should follow a few strategies to quickly build up the client […]Read More

The Do’s and Don’t About of Corporate Gifting

[Copy] Corporate gifts have been around for many years and they are regarded as valuable items often given by an employer to clients and guests. Today, more employers give employees these gifts without a single obligation but as a token of their appreciation or goodwill. There are businesses that regulate, through a company policy, on […]Read More

Term Insurance Benefits You Should Know About

A hectic professional life, poor eating habits, and wrong lifestyle-related choices have hampered many people’s well-being. As life is uncertain, providing monetary security to your loved ones should be the first thing on your list while creating a financial plan for the future.To do this, it is advisable to invest in a life insurance plan, […]Read More

Color Psychology in The Office

Did you know that color can affect human emotion and behavior? This is called color psychology — an important tool that influences how we view and react to an environment. Color can be a crucial design component in the workplace, and for good reason. Different hues can boost the aesthetic characteristics of an office space, […]Read More