7 Tips for Outdoor Event Banner Design

 7 Tips for Outdoor Event Banner Design

No one can deny the power that online marketing has nowadays. However, true strength lies in the effective combo of digital and traditional marketing. 

There’s no better way to utilize the benefits of traditional marketing than to opt for top-notch banners with an attractive design and memorable message, especially if you want to inform and interest your target audience in the upcoming event held by your company. 

Keep on reading to make your outdoor event banner design an absolute success.

1. Feature Your Brand

If you’re holding an event, it’s only logical that your target audience would want to know who’s inviting them. That said, it’s important to make your brand known when creating the ultimate event banner design. Your logo and brand name don’t have to be the main focus of the message, but people checking it out shouldn’t have to look too long or hard to recognize you.

2. Provide Clear and Concise Info

Imagery is important but the information about the event is what you need to focus on. Of course, you are already aware that you’ll have to list all of the necessary data for people to know when and where to show up and what’s in store for them for doing so. However, don’t waste valuable banner space by writing a novel. 

A clear, simple, and straightforward message is most memorable and best translated to the passing public. If you need professional help with the most meaningful content creation together with your banner print and design, our Printroom experts will take care of that for you as well.

3. Stick to One Single Promotion

The event you’re holding may feature various activities and smaller events but you don’t want to confuse your audience by listing every single detail in the outdoor banner. The final product should provide aesthetic pleasure as well as a balance between colors and text

What’s more, not revealing everything right away by simply featuring the main event will make people more interested in the whole thing.

4. Combine Simplicity and Boldness

When it comes to the final choice of your banner colors and images, it’s only natural to go for a striking look, but you also have to keep in mind that simplicity often pays off in the long run, especially when it comes to outdoor banners. The whole point is that the banner is outside. 

Images that evoke connection and bold colors are great ways to draw attention to your message. But going overboard with a bunch of different colors and images that don’t flow well together will only make the passersby feel as if your brand is screaming at them, letting them know just how tacky and desperate your brand is.

5. Choose Typography Wisely

As mentioned, it’s essential that you leave some trace of your brand on your outdoor banner. In general, logos and brand name work the best. However, you might be tempted to further market your brand by opting for the creative and innovative typography you might be using for your logo and branding. And, as you can probably guess by now, that’s not a good practice

You want your audience to read the information quickly and effortlessly, and in that sense, simple sans serif fonts work the best. That way, your branding will stand out more, too!

6. Spice Things Up a Little

Consistency is great but when it comes to outdoor event banners, no change whatsoever after a while will leave your message completely forgotten. After all, if there’s nothing new to draw their attention, people will get used to noticing your banner in the corner of their eye without actually bothering to look at it. 

In that respect, time-sensitive banners that you’ll change up every once in a while are a great way to keep your target audience engaged and successfully build the hype around your future event.

7. Banner Location Mobility

If you’re planning to use a banner marketing strategy to feature your brand’s events, it would be rather beneficial to opt for the semi-permanent banner solutions such as framed signs on removable poles that you can put up and remove as necessary, and even move them around. 

That way, you can experiment with different banner locations and market your event to a much larger audience.

Just like with business website design, user-friendly interface, and ease of navigation, your brand will benefit the most from outdoor event banner design which also incorporates all of these effective and valuable traits. 

Paul diverson