Why Do Leaders Need Executive Coaching?

 Why Do Leaders Need Executive Coaching?

Leaders the core of any functioning organisation. Research shows that almost 71% of the companies feel that their current leaders are not capable of taking the company forward. The reason for the same is the lack of a training program for leaders. The current leaders do have an understanding of working with the business. What they lack is the skill set to stand out like the leader of the team is an important decision. An executive coaching in India can help you in achieving your leadership goal.

The concept of coaching leaders may sound strange, but a study done in Fortune 1000 companies proved that 48% of those leaders who went under coaching showed an increase in their work quality. Coaching led to higher productivity, engagement, performance, improving their effectiveness in a leadership role. Caching also motivates the leader, in turn giving them confidence in the team.

Key Benefits

  1. Empowerment

Coaching empowers the leaders by giving them the needed confidence. It establishes a relationship that works on the hidden strengths of the leader. The program has goals to know the weakness of the leaders and pinpoint the areas to work on. A reflective session with a coach helps a leader to track their improvement and feel good for the work they have done. Meeting small goals is how the empowerment plan works.

  • New Insight

Leaders get a new way of seeing their problems with the help of coaching. The coach pushes them a step back for analysis when they are having a bad or week. It helps them discover deeper problems. Together the coach and the leader get new insight by analysing the problem and creating a plan for similar problems in the future.

  • Free Thinking

Coaching helps in the expansion of the mind. A leader will be able to think out of the box and generate better ideas after the coaching. A new thought pattern will emerge with viewpoints generated by self-questioning. It helps the leader by promoting free thoughts and flexible leadership. A leader is a quick, creative and precise decision making under pressure.

  • Performance

Target coaching for a leader program makes a big impact on the personality of the person. It allows a leader to learn and implement new methods for growth. It also includes leaders avoiding the terms like but, no or however as they accidentally discourage the ideas in a group. It also helps them in understanding the concept of answering a question with another question that supplies all the idea for the team. An individual who might have difficulty understanding the approach of the organisation will be able to perform better in this way.

  • Communication

Coaching enables the leader to work on their communication skill. A leader may not always have clear communication, with the help of professional training in having a conversation, they will be ideal to lead their team.

Good communication skills allow people to connect regularly. It’s an utmost skill in a leader.

Roxanne Reyes