Role of colors in pharma and personal care industry

 Role of colors in pharma and personal care industry

Use of colors in pharmaceutical industry has significantly increased in recent years. One of the major reasons for enhanced color use is the fact that hundreds of people die all over the globe due to wrong medication, inability to recognize correct medicine, and lack of interest in patients for medicine.

Pharma industry uses variety of colors like white, blue, red, yellow, green, white to color their tablets, capsules, and liquids to enable pharmacists identify the medicine and make it easier for patient to consume to medicine. Manufacturers use colors made from natural or synthetic raw materials to get right formulations.

Why should you buy your pharma or personal colors from a top color manufacturer?

When you are manufacturing any product, whether it is a food product, pharmaceutical product, cosmetics or personal care products, you should buy your colors only from most reputed personal care colour pigments manufacturers in India. As an end product manufacturer, it is important for you to manufacture quality product to stay afloat in such cut throat competition. Therefore, in order to sustain intense competition, you should focus on standardizing your raw materials as well as your finished product.

Toppharma colour manufacturer and supplier in India is bound to have a wide variety of color pallets in his book to supply to different pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, top color manufacturing companies have clearances from all federal and regulatory authorities in the globe, because they cannot supply color to international customers without the required approvals.

So, if you wish to have peace of mind from one end, it is better that you buy your pharma colors from Neelikon Colors Global. Apart from manufacturing pharma colors, they are also one of the biggest personal care color pigments manufacturers in India.

Is it important to buy regulatory authority approved colors only?

All manufacturers dealing in products that can affect the health of customers in any way are required to comply with international regulations to keep their companies running. However, many countries have their own regulatory authorities, and manufacturers running their business in any individual country are free to follow regulations of their respective country.

But, if you wish to supply your products outside your country, you will have to follow internationally agreed regulations. So, if you are manufacturing products like colors and pigments for food industry or cosmetic industry, you should buy only from US FDA and EU approved companies so that your shipment does not get stuck in regulatory clearances.

Do you need to check their quality for every batch?

As per law, you need to get each and every batch of color checked by regulatory authorities for any discrepancy in color. However, each and every batch of color sent by Neelikon is thoroughly checked by competent authorities in the company before they are dispatched to the customer.

Neelikon Colors Global is a consumer-oriented company that prides itself for providing excellent services to their customers. If you are a first-time prospective buyer with the company, you can go to the reviews section on their website and check actual reviews from the customers who have bought their color from the company.

Clare Louise