Reasons To Install Barrier Devices

 Reasons To Install Barrier Devices

Perimeter alarm systems with infrared barriers are being installed, more and more frequently, in different types of properties, to provide security where other devices are inefficient or inadequate. Or to solidify existing security measures, thereby retaining only one or two security personnel in the premises, fully kitted to discharge
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However, most homeowners with gardens or outdoor areas opt for the installation of alarm devices only inside buildings.

That is, they underestimate the importance of protecting the outdoor spaces of their homes or premises. This can be a serious safety deficiency.

In addition, perimeter alarm systems with yellow safety barriers allow indoor areas to be protected with a greater range than most standard motion sensors and detectors.

Therefore, we have considered interesting to list in this post the advantages of installing these technology devices for the protection of both the interior and the external areas of residential buildings or commercial and industrial facilities.

What Are The Infrared Barriers, And How Do They Work

A perimeter alarm system with barrier devices uses light beam technology invisible to the human eye.

The infrared barriers include two elements that are located a few tens of meters apart.

The emitting component of the barrier generates an infrared beam of light that the receiving part transforms into an electrical signal. When this pulse varies or is interrupted, the alarm is activated.

In this way, these infrared rays from an imperceptible wall that, when crossed by people or objects, report an intrusion.

Thus, the alert is transmitted to the exchange that generates the appropriate warnings or activates other devices such as deterrent sirens. The barriers are designed for the protection of indoor and outdoor areas.

That is, they are used as an outdoor perimeter alarm system because they are weather-resistant elements, withstanding adverse weather conditions.

In addition, thanks to the breadth of the scope of their infrared waves, they also allow the safekeeping of strangers and thieves wide spaces inside commercial or residential facilities.

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