Office Signs: Choosing The Right Designer

 Office Signs: Choosing The Right Designer

We mostly associate office designs with impeccable recall value. Quite rightly so! Recall value is the cumulative result of individuality, relevance, visual appeal and quirk. You can spend liberally on your office signs in Mascot and still be disappointed with the kind of visibility it commands. Designing signs is a skillset not possessed by every designer out there. If you’re looking to get a sign designed, then make sure that you’re watching out for the following qualities in your designer.

A sign remains the most relatable part of corporate branding. Your logo or office sign will not stand out if it is not visually striking. On the other hand, there is no point in zeroing in on a design that is visually striking but hardly stands out from other office designs. Let us tell you that designing is almost like walking the thin line between ideating something unique and making sure that the individuality is not divorced from what you stand for as a business.

How easy or difficult is it to select the right designer?

Choosing the right designer – of course – is no walk in the park. The very first thing that you must check out is the portfolio of the digital signage company. Ideally, the company which you’re reaching out to should be able to furnish substantial exposure to:

  • Outdoor Signs
  • 3D and Illuminated Signs
  • Banners
  • LED Digital Screens
  • Wall Graphics
  • Vehicle Signs
  • Indoor Signs
  • Frost and Window Graphics

What you should know about your designer?

Once you’re satisfied with the portfolio, make sure you’re acquainting yourself with the design approach that the particular agency has adopted. Every individual designer – together making a team – might as well have different creative inputs for clarity, simplicity, style and the degree of realism that you would want the logo to be governed by. The logo that they are going to design for your business is the collective output of the different thought-processes defining their work. So, you need to know how they approach logo designing in the first place. What exactly do they do after procuring the client brief? Do they decide on a colour theme at the very onset or does it develop with the passage of designing itself? How much time do they spend on reference? What about styling? There might as well be different approaches to styling office signs in Mascot as well. It might as well vary from simplistic to something a tad less than over-complicated. Just make sure you know what you’re settling for.

What are your peers saying?

Make sure you’re paying heed to what your peers have to say about the companies offering digital signage solutions. Who are they consulting at present? Are they satisfied with their services? Or, are they mulling a switch? Would they recommend their services to you?

Consider these points closely before zeroing in on the services of a designer for your office signs in Mascot.