Meaning of Halal and how to obtain Halal Certification 

       Meaning of Halal and how to obtain Halal Certification 

Halal is the Arabic term for what is permissible or lawful whereas Haram is the Arabic term for what is forbidden. Halal is related to the permissibility in Muslim law or Sharia related to dietary laws and the requirements to be followed while processing meat. 

Haram is what is forbidden for Muslims to eat or drink such as alcohol, pork etc 

Here is what the Halal law says: 

  • Only a Muslim person may slaughter an animal or a Jew or Christian may if they follow the procedure mentioned here after
  • While slaughtering an animal a cut should be made in the jugular vein carotid artery and windpipe with a sharp knife
  • The Quranic verses of the Shahada must be recited while slaughtering an animal.
  • The animal must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughtering and the carcass must be allowed to drain as much blood possible
  • Meat of an animal that is already dead is Haram 

Here is were you can get Halal Certification 

  • Halal certification is given in many countries by the government itself. 
  • In some countries halal certification is given by private companies as well. is a professional team with a quick way to help you out in case you are looking for a consultancy to help you speed your process for Halal Certification. They have years of experience and are very reliable. They also have a very high success rate in helping the client get certification as per his needs. 

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals also need to be halal certified. This is because they use by products of animal fat and also alcohol for some products both of which are forbidden in Islam and considered Haram. 

Here as some issues that needs to be addressed regarding Halal certification: 

  • It is not a free process and it takes time to happen 
  • There are some sectors where non Muslims cannot get a job
  • There is no standard way of ensuring halal certification up till now which means halal certification of one country may not apply to another 

It maybe interesting to note that halal certified products are not prohibited tor non Muslims. They can consume it as well too. 

If there is no halal certification then Muslims does not use such products and services. Hence if things are not halal certified then the company will lose a large number of potential customers as they will not use any product or service that is not halal.   

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