Get to know the significance and advantages of installing fire doors

 Get to know the significance and advantages of installing fire doors

When it comes to protecting your residential and your workplace from the dangers of fire, you cannot completely rely on wooden or normal doors. The normal doors are mainly made of wood, plastic or other light kind of materials which are not capable to withstand extreme temperature during fire emergency. This is where steel fire doors come to the fore. Fire protected doors are made from fire-resistant materials such as glass, timber, steel, gypsum boards. Among all these options, steel fire doors are the best.

The main purpose of using these doors in a home or building is to restrict or delay the spread of fire or smoke in other parts of the building and this is the reason these steel fire doors are used in most of the residential and commercial places. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the two primary advantages of using fire protected doors. These are –

  • Fire doorshelps in quick evacuation of occupants through a safe gateway
  • Fore safety doors helps minimizing the damage to the property

Fire rated doors have received various ratings from the customers depending on its capacity to withstand the heat and restrain fire from spreading to the other parts of the building. Generally, fire rated doors can withstand fire for up to 90 minutes. There is a misconception among people that fire rated doors are made of wood. But presently fire rated doors are made of steel and various other materials which come with fire withstand features. However, while buying these doors, customers must choose the manufacturer very wisely because only good quality doors can withstand fire. So, the quality is an important factor in this respect.

Another important purpose for installing these doors is that it protects various exit points such as stain enclosure, horizontal exists and corridor exits. They are used to compartmentalize the entire building into various fire safety zones or fire evacuation centers. You can put your employees and other assets of your company in the fire-safety areas and can use these doors as evacuation points during fire emergency.

These types of doors should be used as an integral part of fire protection plan because they are very much effective in saving the lives of the employees, office equipment and most importantly helps to keep the structural integrity of the building safe. Therefore, whenever you purchase fire protected doors, make sure you purchase one that comes with higher ratings and meet your specific requirements.

How to install such types of doors?

Purchasing a higher rating fire protection steel door is not the only task you have to perform. Along with this, you also need to make sure that it is installed the right way. These types of doors will only prove effective when they are installed the right way. Each type of door comes with a set of specifications such as size, material, shape etc. There are many things which you should keep in mind while installing such doors. Take the help of professionals who will help installing such door in a proper way.

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