Characteristics of a Lucrative Digital Signage

 Characteristics of a Lucrative Digital Signage

Signage, before it gets put up, requires a lot of planning put into deciding its design and identifying its purpose. Signage for an advertisement motive differs vastly from that of a promotional motive. And the requirements do not change a lot when digital signages are taken into discussions.

Essential Characteristics

Even if the signage requirements vary from business to business, there is a well-knit set of vital checklist that needs to be met. The medium of display might change, but the metrics stay on the same alignment.


Colors, in cases of outdoor advertisements, are regarded as kings. This forms the backbone of a successful signage campaign. In cases of digital campaigns, the vibrancy of the colors and the displays reflect upon people’s emotions, and this is where the connect happens. The right blend of effects will catch the right customer’s attention, enabling the brand to be recollected at the back of their minds. It is advisable to use colors that align with the brand’s persona.


Moving on, the next crucial aspect is signage graphics. It’s not a mandate for all boards to bear images or graphics; some can get done just with the exciting texts. And, it is important to plan the same out. The type of imagery to be used, be it the text or the graphics, needs their sizes, quality, font, alignment, and position to be carefully assigned to keep their visibility high.


An important motive for displaying signage is the readability. The fonts that are getting used must ensure the signage readability from a fair distance. The fonts must be large and simple. Avoiding ornamental font styles is the key to achieving advertisement targets.


The brand message that needs to be conveyed must be clear, short, and simple; with it being similar on every platform the company chooses to advertise.


The places of higher traffics are the places that should be chosen for your digital signage display. The more eyeballs it grabs, the more effective it turns out to be. The location also determines the size and appearance of the signage.

Final design

Before passing on the confirmation, it’s important to look through the minute details again. Every different component must blend well together.

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Clare Louise