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E-commerce license UAE 2021

Dubai is a focal point for business, and with regards to internet business appropriation it’s at the front line. In 2019 the UAE’s online business deals were assessed at around USD 16bn, with the country at the cutting edge of internet business in the more extensive MENA district. The UAE flaunts a youthful web proficient […]Read More


Theworld’s changing at a crazy pace and so is how we do things. Thanks to tech, we are closer than ever and with the invention of tools like email, Skype and Zoom. Distance isn’t much of a barrier when it comes to communication. Companies and individuals have cashed in on this, ushering in the modern […]Read More

Essential Skills required for being a Successful Construction Contractor

Succeeding in the ever-competitive construction market requires contractors to have a diverse set of soft and hard skills. Soft skills would entail communication and the ability to learn. Hard skills would encompass aspects such as project planning and technology. The most successful contractors would exhibit a good hold on special skill sets. Keeping your skills […]Read More

What is XtraPC?

XtraPc is a USB device that when inserted into your PC’s USB provides your computer with an additional operating system created on Linux foundations with an interface that resembles that of traditional Windows OS. This operating system is designed so that your PC device works much faster and with high performance, not relying on faulty […]Read More

5 Best Virtual Team Apps

  COVID-19 has not only changed the way the world perceives public health: it has also affected how we perceive the workforce.  Adjusting to the new normal means adjusting to working remotely. Managing a virtual team is not easy, but luckily there are an amazing amount of apps useful for this task.  Here are five […]Read More

PPC for Lawyers: 3 Tips for Getting More Clients in

For law firms of all types and sizes, it is necessary to use all the tools available to them to stand out from the crowd. A smart way to get your law firm’s name out there is by investing in PPC for lawyers. Investing in PPC is an effective way to boost your practice – […]Read More

How Tax Consultants can be of Benefit to You

If you have an accountant who deals with your tax, then you may think that there would be no further benefits from using the services of tax consultants. However, tax consultants can offer services that are more far ranging that those of your accountant, and this could be highly beneficial to you and your business. […]Read More

How to Choose the Perfect International Taxation Company in Cyprus

When you’re searching for international taxation companies in Cyprus. Where do you start? A quick Google search will certainly bring up several results, and each business will be different. So how do you decide which of the international taxation companies will be best suited to the unique, individual needs of you and your business? Choose […]Read More

Why consider opening an LLC

Members of an LLC are protected against the financial and legal obligations of the business. This means that your personal assets are not confiscated if the business goes bankrupt or is found financially responsible in a lawsuit. This is not the case for companies incorporated under the arrangement of sole proprietorships and partnerships. The owners […]Read More