Month: <span>December 2020</span>

The Do’s and Don’t About of Corporate Gifting

[Copy] Corporate gifts have been around for many years and they are regarded as valuable items often given by an employer to clients and guests. Today, more employers give employees these gifts without a single obligation but as a token of their appreciation or goodwill. There are businesses that regulate, through a company policy, on […]Read More

Look for the Best Ebay Sales Boost: What You Can

Are you looking for some simple tips that could increase your store’s sales? Read carefully these points where it is about the importance of obtaining the trust of Internet users and the factors that influence their purchasing decision. Bet on customer reviews Informing potential buyers of your customers’ satisfaction can only have a positive impact […]Read More

9 Reasons a Lenovo Laptop Is Your Very Best Bet

By the end of this year, at least 55% of the global population will have access to the internet. As the technological landscape shifts, finding a reliable laptop for all your needs is now a priority. When buying a laptop today, a myriad of considerations come to play. While specs are a primary factor when […]Read More

What Are The Sources of Project Finance?

In this article, we will look at the typical sources of financing in project finance transactions. Typical sources of financing in project finance are equity, provided by project sponsors, and, debt provided by lenders. The project sponsors can further be classified as industrial and financial sponsors, and sometimes, especially in emerging markets, the government can […]Read More

Changes to Do if You Want Your Business to Recover

If your business managed to survive after the crisis due to this pandemic, you have to do better moving forward. You’re lucky that you can keep the ball rolling, but it doesn’t mean things will stay that way. Changes are necessary to survive the battle. You will face more competitors. Everyone is working towards recovery. […]Read More

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

Nothing attracts customers’ attention like a well-strategized sales promotion. It provides tremendous advantages for both shoppers and businesses as the former gets to save money on purchases while the latter gets to earn a profit. Discount labels, coupons, and freebies are some of the popular sales promotions that will turn the head of consumers. These […]Read More