Day: <span>July 17, 2020</span>

Prepare Your Business for a Post-Pandemic Recession

As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to unfold, fears of an economic recession loom. March 2020 saw the largest global economic downturn ever and, only a month later, the UK’s GDP dropped by a staggering 20.4%. While a few economists remain cautiously optimistic about the country’s recovery, others are readying themselves for a […]Read More

What Will the High Street Look Like During Christmas 2020?

Many will groan at the thought of discussing the Christmas period during summer. However, with retailers predicting the COVID-19 outbreak equating to three winters of custom, the festive season is a becoming a necessary period of hope for the British high street to look forward to. Businesses are diligently looking to preserve their custom, looking […]Read More

3 Steps to Generate 5-Star Reviews for Your Hosting Reseller

In the online world, reviews are usually the differentiators between choosing between two highly competitive brands. With the user’s perspective, buying a product or service after reading the reviews of another user makes more sense than reading the self-praising marketing content offered by most businesses. Having said that, in today’s times, merely offering excellent service […]Read More